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A message from the Vice-Chancellor

As a public-spirited university, Melbourne is committed to promoting sustainability through its research and education programs. Operationally, the University is taking steps to substantially reduce its environmental impact. Melbourne aims to establish itself as a model of sustainability. It has set a target to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.

Glyn Davis, Vice-Chancellor, The University of Melbourne

Property and Campus Services

Property & Campus Services (PCS) Department of the University of Melbourne is responsible for managing Sustainability across the University. A dedicated Sustainability team within PCS works across the University to:

  • establish and progress the Sustainability framework for the University
  • engage and empower staff, students and the community on Sustainability issues
  • establish University-wide targets to reduce energy, water, waste 
  • prioritise and manage Sustainability projects to meet or exceed our targets
  • fulfill our commitment to Sustainable Building design
  • Achieve a Sustainable Campus
The Executive Director, Property and Campus Services is the Practice Leader for Sustainability for the University of Melbourne.
The purpose of PCS is "to provide a world class sustainable campus environment".


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