Business Plans for Sustainability

Sustainability at the University of Melbourne is evolving beyond an operational focus to a philosophy underpinning all that we do. While maintaining our University-wide efforts, it is critical for us to develop opportunities for staff and students to become empowered and active participants in reducing environmental impact.

Sustainability is an integral part of the planning process across the University. In 2011 the majority of Budget Divisions completed the Sustainability section for the first time in their Business Plans. Please find below resources to assist with planning sustainability objectives and targets for 2012.
If you require any assistance with this section please contact us at sustainable-campus@unimelb.edu.au


What to do

The Sustainability section of the Business Plan needs to cover both compliance-based and voluntary local activities. Use the information on the following links to:

  1. Identify and document any legal requirements for environmental monitoring and reporting in your division
    Environmental Aspects & Impacts Register
  2. Develop a set of voluntary local sustainability Objectives & Targets
    Sustainability Objectives & Targets
  3. Identify and document the actions that can be taken to achieve your objectives and targets
    Action Plans
  4. Refer to other available resources through the
    Sustainability Checklists and other Resources

The University of Melbourne has committed to the following sustainability targets for the next five years:

University of Melbourne Sustainability Targets 2011 - 2015

Performance Measure

Baseline Year

Baseline Value

2015 target

Energy Usage - GJ/m2 GFA


0.9 GJ/m2

 0.6 GJ/m2             (33% reduction)

Nett Energy-related Carbon Emissions - kg/m2 GFA


212 kg CO2-e/m2

 106 kg CO2-e/m2 (50% reduction)

Water Usage


513 megalitres

410Ml p.a.             (20% reduction)

Waste - % of Total Waste by volume diverted to recycling




Travel, motor vehicle fleet - nett fuel emissions after offset


Zero nett emissions after Greenfleet offset

Zero nett emissions after Greenfleet offset