Sustainable Purchasing of Catering

Selecting the right caterer can have a big impact on the sustainability of your function.

Sustainable Caterer Checklist

Use the following checklist for ideas on catering more sustainably.

A Sustainable Caterer...

  1. Uses non-disposable cutlery, cups, plates and platters
  2. Purchases serviettes made from recycled materials
  3. Avoids individually or over-packaged products
  4. When packaging cannot be avoided, ensures it is recyclable 
  5. Bases menu on locally and seasonally available produce
  6. Emphasises vegetarian and organic menus and the use of unprocessed ingredients  
  7. Reduces food waste by serving appropriate portion sizes and determining catering numbers
  8. Serves tap water in place of bottled still water
  9. Provides well-signed recycling facilities for bottles, cans, paper and organic waste
  10. Promotes itself as sustainable, and draws attention to the benefits and values of being sustainable.

Download Sustainable Caterer Checklist [.pdf] Suggested use: colour print, laminate and put on your noticeboards.


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