Sustainable Laboratory

Teaching Laboratory Final Report


The aim of piloting the Green Laboratory Program (GLP - now referred to as Sustainable Laboratory) was always to introduce the program to a teaching and research laboratory within the Faculty Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences first and receiving feedback, before implementation to the other laboratories throughout the University.

It was brought to light that a research and a teaching laboratory should be piloted because these are the types of laboratories that a most common. After an introductory email outlining the aims of the GLP was sent, the GLP coordinator met with the staff of the teaching laboratory.


See the Teaching Lab Gap Analysis.

It was encouraging to find a well-managed laboratory. Laboratories in the University of Melbourne are subject to stringent auditing under Safety MAP. The existing practices paved the way for further improvement regarding the environment. For example,

Actions taken that are new initiatives from the GLP guidelines, include:

It is anticipated that the above issues are not unique to this laboratory and will be addressed in all laboratories when implementation occurs throughout the Medical Faculty and beyond. Being a Green Laboratory is thinking globally yet acting locally. It aspires to not only to preserve the environment as much as possible but also to gain other benefits. Reducing the amounts of paper, water, chemicals, gas, power and other laboratory consumable also reduces waste and more importantly costs.

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