Sustainable Office

As part of the University's ongoing commitment to sustainability, the Sustainable Office provides an opportunity for office environments within the University to assess and reduce their environmental impact.

The Staff Environment Advocates assist in implementing the 10 point plan by:

The Sustainable Office Checklist

A Sustainable Office...

  1. Uses environmentally responsible paper & remanufactured printer/toner cartridges
  2. Uses scrap paper for ALL drafts and notes
  3. Recycles all paper waste, using the recycling bins under each desk
  4. Sets printer default to doubled sided and prints more than one page per sheet
  5. Does NOT print emails unless necessary
  6. Has monitors & lights OFF when absent for over 45 minutes
  7. Turns all appliances OFF when going home, ie monitors and computers, printers, microwaves
  8. Recycles all drink bottles, glass and plastic, by using the commingle bins in the kitchen
  9. Uses and offers durable cups, mugs and crockery to avoid using disposables
  10. Dresses appropriately for office temperature, avoiding need for personal heating/cooling appliances

Download Sustainable Office Checklist [.pdf] Suggested use: colour print, laminate and put on your noticeboard.

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