Sustainable Transport

Cycle, walk, take public transport or carpool to the University to improve fitness, save money and minimise overall energy usage.

Follow the Sustainable Traveller Checklist.

Public Transport

Cycling and Walking

Carpool and Car hire


Achievements to date

The University of Melbourne recognises that commuting and business travel has significant impacts on carbon footprint.
The use of more sustainable modes of transport is promoted through:

  • launch of the University of Melbourne Commuter Club in January 2013
  • the provision of end of trip facilities – bike parking, shower and change facilities and ready access to drinking water
  • hosting Melbourne Bike Share stations on campus and re-launching the Bicycle Users Group
  • offsetting the emissions generated by the use of our fleet of motor vehicles through Greenfleet.
  • encouraging staff to seek alternatives to business travel.

More Information

Click here to find out more information about Sustainable Travel at Melbourne University .