Education for Sustainability (EfS)

The University of Melbourne’s Vision for Education for Sustainability is:

"To develop graduates who will lead change for a sustainable future"

What is EfS and how is the University responding to it?

EfS Commitments & Drivers

Our Sustainability Team has worked with The Graduate School of Business and Economics to promote and embed sustainable business practices within the curriculum.

A recent collaboration between GSBE and Property &Campus Services Sustainability Unit involved four graduate students with backgrounds in tax, finance and IT undertaking an in-house practicum to investigate the impact of air travel on the University’s emissions profile, and to develop recommendations for measuring and managing these impacts.

Projects involving the Sustainability Unit have included:

For an overview of Melbourne Business Practicum, go to:

For more information on earlier MBP projects, see: http://www.learningandteaching.unimelb.edu.au/innovations/current/melbourne_business_practicum

Education about Sustainability

The University of Melbourne recognises that in order to find creative solutions to the environmental, economic and social challenges of our time we must explore and advance our understanding of sustainability. Teaching and learning are fundamental components of a sustainable future and are key to our future strategic planning for sustainability.

Explore the following links to find out more:

Undergraduate Courses

Postgraduate Courses

Read about the on-campus sustainability research projects currently being undertaken at Burnley:

Sustainability at Burnley Campus


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