Curriculum, Hidden Curriculum

"The design of academic buildings is a kind of crystallized pedagogy full of hidden assumptions about power, about how people learn, how they relate to the natural world, and how they relate to one another. But the design and operation of buildings provide an educational opportunity as well…" Orr (1992).
In developing a strategy to embed Education for Sustainability (EfS) across the University curriculum, both the taught curriculum and the hidden curriculum need to be addressed.

Buildings and operations are the key to the hidden curriculum. The many building and operational features of the University that embrace sustainability are being made more  explicit to staff and students through, for example, interpretive signs that explain the sustainability features of a building or area, and communications to students, staff and the community that the University of Melbourne values sustainability and that its operations reflect this value. As new sustainability initiatives are implemented, an accompanying communications strategy will be adopted.
The aim is that a person walking through our campuses would have no doubt of the University’s values and its commitment to sustainability.

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