Go TAP arrives at the Parkville Campus


The University strongly encourages you to re-fill your water bottle. You can help Parkville to become a bottled-water free campus alongside the Southbank and Burnley campuses, which have already made the change.

Keep an eye out for this sticker at retailers around campus who already support the initiative!

Spread the word and download the GoTap poster (pdf, 614 KB)


Bottled water is damaging to the environment as is a waste of your money:

  • Over 132 million litres of oil is used to manufacture bottled water in Australia every year
  • A litre of water is more than double the price of a litre of petrol
  • For more facts, go to www.gotap.com.au

Refill your water bottle, don't contribute to landfill:

  • The supply of fresh, healthy and free drinking water on campus has never been more readily available
  • Bring your own water bottle and fill it with tap water

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