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As of 1 January 2010 Environmental Sustainability responsibility was retained by Property and Campus Services while the Environment, Health and Safety Unit, Injury Management and Occupational Health Service combined under the one banner to form the Occupational Health and Safety and Injury Management Group. As a result a number of changes were made to the Environmental Policies and Procedures and the structure of the Environmental Management System within the University of Melbourne.

The University of Melbourne maintained external certification to ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Standard from 1998 to 2010. The certification provided a platform for the University to plan its environmental activities, objectives and targets in line with the specifications of the standard. The plans are formally reviewed and performance and achievements were reported annually to senior committees. The University in conjunction with Property & Campus Services made the decision at the end of 2010 to discontinue certification to ISO 14001 and broaden the scope of environment to incorporate Sustainability and include the University’s core business of teaching and research.

Whilst ISO14001 provided a framework for Environmental Management Systems (EMS), it did not state specific Environmental performance criteria for an organisation; i.e., certification ensures the organisation has a system compliant with the requirements of the standard, rather than the organisation has met specific performance outcomes required by legislation or expected by the organisation’s stakeholders.

All Victorian Universities have now signed up to ResourceSmart Tertiary Education plan for implementation of an Environmental Strategy issued by Sustainability Victoria. This strategy is much more focused on environmental objectives and targets relevant to a University setting.

In light of the above, the University and Property & Campus Services made the decision to discontinue the accreditation of ISO 14001 and instead set in place the framework for an Environmental Strategy issued by Sustainability Victoria, which covers the specific requirements of a Tertiary-based institution and also encompasses all the relevant elements covered in ISO 14001.

As a results the University’s formed external auditing organisation for ISO 14001 have requested the following;

  1. Your company must make no further claims to be approved by LRQA
  2. Your company will need to review all tenders and contracts to determine whether the conditions require current and valid LRQA approval or continued conformance to the requirements of the applicable part of <Standard> as verified by a third party certification body. If so, you will need to inform all customers with whom you have such contracts that your approval with LRQA has now been withdrawn.
  3. Your company will need to withdraw from circulation any documents bearing the LRQA logo; and
  4. Your company will also need to destroy all copies of its LRQA Certificate of Approval.

"Withdrawal Of Approval" letter

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