The Sustainability Forum

In December 2009, as part of a new framework for embedding environmental sustainability across the University, Senior Executive endorsed the establishment of a Sustainability Forum to explore opportunities in our operations, through the curriculum and in research on campus.

The Sustainability Forum is co-chaired by Professor Tom Kvan, Dean of Architecture, Building & Planning and Assistant VC (Campus Development) and Mr Chris White, Executive Director, Property & Campus Services.

The Forum comprises representatives from all of the University’s budget divisions, acts as an advisory group to the Vice-Chancellor and reports annually to Council on University achievements in Sustainability.

Five working groups have been established to undertake work and report back on key areas through which Sustainability can be progressed across the University. These groups focus on:

The outcomes of the working groups illustrate the enormous potential that exists to progress the University as a true leader exemplifying sustainability through all its activities:


Sustainability Forum’s Terms of Reference

Sustainability Forum Meeting Minutes, October 14th 2011

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