What do we do with all the packaging that comes with our new computers?

We would like to encourage IT staff in all departments and faculties to contribute to the University's target of recycling or reusing 50% of its wastes by 2013.

Up until now we have had an ad hoc system where disposal and not recycling was the primary aim. Cleaners and building supervisors were assumed to be the people responsible for getting rid of any packaging waste.

We highly recommend the the ITS procedures for thoughtfully disposing of IT packaging -

  1. As a box is opened, it is flattened and placed in a large blue VISY cardboard recycling wheelie bin.
  2. The polystyrene is broken down and placed in 2.5 cubic metre "Victorian Polystyrene Recycling" bags.
  3. The booklets and paper items that are not needed are put in a yellow lid recycling bin.
  4. CDs/DVDs that are not needed are put in a "Discback" collection bin 

Ask the Waste Project Officer for more information on where these facilities are located.

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