Electronic Asset Reuse and Disposal

As an environmentally conscious corporate citizen, the University has adopted a Sustainability Commitment which includes the objective of transforming current waste management practices using effective strategies, infrastructure, systems and education to achieve best practice waste reduction, reuse and recycling rates. The University has become increasingly aware of the issues caused by disposal of electronic Waste (E-waste) worldwide and consequently has decided to address the disposal of unwanted electronic equipment in a consistent, environmentally conscious manner.

For disposal of equipment please log a request via the Staff Services Portal.

Triage process for all University departments with regard to electronic assets is as follows:

Direct University Use

IT assets individually assessed for repurposing within the University

  • Redeployment within Faculty or Department for internal reuse
  • Redeployment to other Faculty or Department for internal reuse

Non-Direct University Use

IT assets individually assessed for external deployment and disposal

  • Student area or appropriate student use
  • External University approved E-waste vendors

This triage process applies only to operable and viable equipment where practicable reuse opportunity exists. Staff wanting to disposal of out-dated and inoperable electrical equipment, components and associated consumable materials log a request through the Staff Self-Service Portal and enter a list of all IT equipment for disposal.

Data Erasure & Evidence of Destruction

During the disposal process, all data will be erased from hardware and the equipment will then be recycled by the University's approved providers. These providers have been assessed for their ability to manage the University's compliance with information management and information security requirements.

The faculty will not sell or donate computers direct to staff.

Electronic asset reuse and E-waste disposal remains sole responsibility of the University of Melbourne Campus Assist team.