Fridges & Freezers

Go Green – purchase efficient freezers and fridges.

Funding available for energy efficient "ultra cold" lab fridge (-80C), contact Peter.

The purpose of the Ultracold Freezer Improvement Program is to replace old, high-energy-consumption ultracold freezers with new ultracold freezers across University of Melbourne campuses and affiliated research institutes. New freezers reduce energy bills and minimise the risk of operational failure.

Use Discretion – dispose/recycle through proper channels.

Reuse if possible: Domestic fridges in kitchens, catering areas. Lab fridges/freezers for scientific use. Clean the fridge in soapy water and disinfectant.

Stop – do not dispose of lab fridges.
  • flammable gases pose a risk for disassembling fridges
  • fridges used for prions and CJD are sent to specialists to be incinerated

Any non-laboratory fridges can be sent to Brotherhood Fridges for recycling. They provide a free pickup service anywhere in the Metro area. Fridges are either repaired and sold through Brotherhood of St Laurence community stores or if the fridge is unable to be repaired it is recycled as scrap metal.