Paper and Cardboard

1 tonne of paper recycled saves: almost 13 trees, 2.5 barrels of oil, 4100 kWh of electricity, 4 cubic metres of landfill and 31, 780 litres of water

Do you have a bulk amount of the materials listed below? Campus Assist can be contacted to remove and recycle large lots of paper and cardboard. For larger amounts than 20 kg, a temporary 120L yellow bin can be ordered and later picked up.


Letterheads or similar material should be disposed of in the confidential bins. We don't recommend shredding of your own documents.

Business Cards or Brochures

Other promotional and paper materials can be disposed of in the yellow mixed recycling bins or in the large blue recycling bins based around campus.

Recycling confidential documents

  • Place a Campus Assist request (via the Staff Service Portal, under Facilities) to have a confidential document bin emptied.
  • For all your secure paper shredding, there are permanent confidential document disposal bins located in most major buildings across campus. For any concerns please visit the In Confidence website.
  • All paper shredded is then recycled into recycled paper products.
  • Please don't overload the confidential waste bins, 60% - 70% is the maximum and if books are going in then only 50%.
  • All types of clean paper can be recycled in the Yellow Mixed Recycling bins.

Go Green

  • Produce less waste by sending digital documents, promoting events via email or social media.
  • Use quality products that can be used more than once, like a reuseable coupon/ticket.
  • Hand out USB sticks (cardboard ones available) with website and contact details.

Use Discretion

  • Make sure to recycle all paper products.
  • Use certified recycled, FSC certified paper for printing.
Stop – throwing paper products into landfill.