Showers and Change Facilities

There are many shower and change facilities across Parkville, Southbank, Burnley, and Werribee campuses. Shower locations in each building can be found easily through the map below.

  • Please select the the 'Change Room Facilities' under the Operational Layers panel on the left.
  • Click on each symbol to bring up a pop-up box with the location details of each change/shower room, you need to use the arrow in the pop up box to turn the pages to see the next room etc.
  • The Floor_Code and Room_Code correspond to the building level and room respectively as found via SISfm (see the access instructions below map).

To rapidly go between campuses please click the three dots on a layer item and select 'Zoom to' in the pop up menu.

This map is made possible by Space Management, a part of University Services.

If you can't see any facilities listed for your building, please check the Space Management online floor plans by following the steps below.
  1. Click here to access the Space Management floor plans. Please note that you will be required to use your staff or student log in to view this page.
  2. Click on 'Building Floor Plans'
  3. Choose your building from the list on the right of your screen or on the map. The floor plan of your building will appear.
  4. In the top left hand corner of the plan screen, select the floor number
  5. Once you have selected the correct floor, find the shower rooms by selecting 'room type' under the themes column on the bottom left hand side of the screen. The shower rooms will be coloured blue.