Sustainability Calendar

Our sustainability calendar has gone digital - allowing us to provide you with more dynamic, up-to-date content. You can now access it in two formats;

  1. Desktop format - this features as a wallpaper.
  2. Outlook format - this embeds alongside your regular outlook calendar.

To access one or both of these formats, please see installation instructions below.

Options for Download

  • Desktop Format

    Our much-loved desk calendar is now paperless! You can now have our calendar with all the key sustainability messages, events, pay dates and images on your desktop. This year the theme for our calendar is Sustainable Development Goals.

    Vice-Chancellor Duncan Maskell
    Vice-Chancellor Duncan Maskell

    A Message From the Vice-Chancellor on the Sustainable Development Goals

    The University of Melbourne is committed to action on sustainability both locally and globally.
    As a signatory to the ‘University commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals’, we support the 17 United Nations Global Goals as a pathway to equitable development.

    Achieving these Goals will require partnerships with governments, the private sector, civil society and individuals alike.
    Universities specifically can use their unique position in society to encourage adoption of the Goals. At Melbourne we play our part through our Sustainability Plan.

    Installing on Windows

    1. Search "Software Centre" in the start menu.
    2. In the "Available Software" tab, scroll down until you see the option for Sustainability_Calendar_2019.
    3. Tick the check box next to Sustainability_Calendar_2019 and in the bottom right hand corner of the window, click install.
    4. On the "Installation Status" tab, wait until the status changes to installed. Once complete, please allow a minute for the wallpaper to be updated.

    Installing on Mac

    1. Search "Self Service".
    2. Login using your University username and password.
    3. Navigate to the applications section and click on the UoM Sustainability Calendar 2019 item.
    4. Click install when ready.

    If you'd prefer, download the PDF version.

  • Outlook Format

    Subscribe to our Sustainability Calendar through Outlook and you'll be able to view all our upcoming sustainability events alongside your personal calendar.

    We recommend adding it through the online Outlook interface, accessible by all staff. Once successfully added it will also appear on any desktop Outlook installations.

    Installing on Outlook (online)

    1. Log in to your University account
    2. Go to Calendar view
    3. Click 'Add Calendar' in toolbar
    4. Select 'From directory' in the drop down
    5. In the pop up type !Sustainability in the first text field (with exclamation mark)
    6. If it doesn't initially appear click 'Search Directory'
    7. Select the new item from the drop down list
    8. Click the 'Open' button
    9. Voila! You can now select and deselect the calendar from the 'Other calendars' section on the left panel in Calendar view

    Add to Outlook

Having trouble installing the calendar? Call the Service Centre on 40888

Feedback Appreciated

We are excited to trial our calendars in a new digital format and would love to hear your feedback on any aspect of the calendar such as usability, design, ease of installation and innovative options for future consideration. Email us on