Toilet Consumables

We’re always looking for ways to keep Melbourne University at the forefront of innovation, design and sustainability excellence - right down to the toilet paper we choose. That’s why we identified an opportunity to evaluate our washroom hygiene solution. By partnering with Tork, the number 1 professional hygiene brand in the world, we uncovered some significant improvements across all campuses.

Benefits of switching to Tork

  • Simplified supply chain & reduction in waste – Reducing the number of refill products across toilet, hand towel and soap from 14 products to just 3 products (one toilet, one hand towel and one soap). It is expected this rationalisation will deliver an annualised reduction of 9,000 cases of stock – equivalent to 4.5 tonnes in waste per year.
  • Improved staff & student satisfaction – Tork dispensers have a coordinated look and are easy to use and maintain with intuitive refilling and single key locking system
  • Reduced environmental impact – The Tork hygiene systems are engineered to reduce consumption (validated by a trial in December – February 2017)
    • Tork SmartOne Toilet Paper dispensers reduce toilet paper usage by up to 40% versus jumbo toilet roll
    • Tork Matic Hand Towel dispensers reduce hand towel usage by up to 50% versus roll towel
    • Tork Foam Soap dispensers increase soap usage by 150% versus bulk soap
  • Forefront of innovation – Tork dispensers are the only fully coordinated, Red Dot award winning range on the market.
  • Improved Hygiene & Safety – Tork dispensers are fully enclosed which means you only touch the sheet of toilet paper/hand towel that you take, and foreign items cannot be placed inside the dispensers. They are also smooth in design which will make cleaning much easier.
  • Making a responsible choice – All Tork refills are third party environmentally certified

Tork supplies

Tork and Sustainability

  • Tork is the 1st tissue brand in Australasia to provide their customers with Environmental Product Declarations (EPD’s). An EPD is an independently verified and registered document that communicates transparent and comparable information about the environmental impact from ‘cradle to grave’.
  • The Tork toilet paper and hand towel products used at UoM are FSC certified and the soap products are EU Ecolabel certified. The tissue products are produced in ANZ using leading environmental techniques which includes power from geothermal steam saving 46% of CO2 emissions
  • Locally Manufactured: over 80% of our Tissue products are manufactured in Australia and New Zealand. Asaleo Care directly employs more than 1000 employees across Australia, NZ and Fiji.
  • Tork has the largest number of Eco label accredited products in Australia. 100% of the pulp used by Tork is FSC certified is from a non-controversial source and manufactured using geo-thermal steam.