Research underpins the University's contribution to creating a sustainable world.

From the Sustainability Charter, the University will:

  • conduct research that contributes significantly to knowledge and action across the interdisciplinary dimensions of sustainability;
  • support researchers across different fields to work collectively on environmental problems; and
  • use sustainability principles to guide decisions about research funding, conduct and communication.

We would love to hear your thoughts. Consider these sample questions below:

  1. How can sustainability inform what and how we research?
  2. What can we do to advance sustainability through research?
  3. How can the University be a thought leader in the research of sustainability?
  4. What should be our headline sustainability research goals?

Please give us your ideas beyond these questions too! E-mail your feedback using the title Research to

UMSU-led Sustainability Plan working groups

Join UMSU's student/staff Working Groups to learn more about how the Plan is progressing, how the university is currently functioning, share ideas with other people in the university community, and be a part of co-designing the Plan.