Experience the adventure of real outdoor quests - for wildlife around your university and neighbourhood!

QuestaGame, the citizen science app that takes you outdoors - to your backyard, a local park, a hiking trail, anywhere - for you to discover, learn about, and help monitor biodiversity. Join quests and compete with other players to photograph animals and plants in the wild and ultimately help create a sustainable future.

Urban biodiversity is often an undervalued topic. At Melbourne University there is scarce information about the different species that live or use the campus ecosystem. Therefore identifying the species that are around not only helps to create awareness but also serves as a way of gaining a better understanding of the biodiversity using urban spaces.

And not just for fun as Wildversity will serve to contribute data essential for the conservation and preservation of urban biodiversity, adding to the Atlas of Living Australia biodiversity database.

The Wildversity Clan

Simply take a photo of a bird, insect, plant, mammal - just about any living specimen - and submit it to QuestaGame's experts. You can use your device's camera or your own camera and it's free to play!

You'll receive an identification and/or verification of the specimen, and the data will be added to national and global biodiversity databases to help map and protect biodiversity. Your sightings are geo-tagged and added to your collection for easy tracking and future reference.

QuestaGame is supported by a network of professional scientists and amateur naturalists who help identify players’ sightings.

Join the clan!

What people are saying:

"Awesome! Great fun. Love it! Real life adventuring that makes you forget you're actually mapping biodiversity."

"Got to catch 'em all!! Such a fun and addictive way to learn more about all the life around us. Really enjoying having fast expert feedback on the sightings I submit."

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