The concept of Wildversity can be seen as a social tool that encourages students and staff from Melbourne University to explore and understand the wilderness that surround their daily lives at campus. Moreover, Wildversity will serve as a platform to collect data essential for the conservation and preservation of urban biodiversity.

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Images from Wildversity on Instagram

One of the fundamental values of Wildversity is that the data collected, as well as the photos uploaded, should be open source. This will enable Wildversity to create a network between the different campuses and foster citizen science through community engagement.

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(left to right) Images from @wibisono.yo, @bronhazelwood

For example, the uploaded photos will be seen by all users and in the case there is an unidentified species, Wildversity will encourage users to make use of their knowledge to identify the name. This will encourage participation and interaction between the different users. The Wildversity app will also include data from other available sources to create a more integrative database and as a way of collaboration between different conservation initiatives.