Garden Design from a Heritage Perspective

Biosciences 2, Building No. 122
Turner Theatre


Lecture Series 2

(limit 100 people)

Lecture series facilitator is Professor Pauline Ladiges. Followed by Q&A

Garden Design from a Heritage Perspective

– Anne Latreille (25-30 mins)

What makes a garden or landscape important from a heritage perspective e.g. The System Garden shows its history (from 1856) and ongoing evolution, with massive old trees and rare, unusual plants.

The Ellis "Rocky" Stones garden does likewise; but the historic element is somewhat younger – a 1973 expanse of rocks, around which a fresh planting was installed last year.

How do the two compare? What can we learn from Rocky? He created simple yet innovative garden spaces for four decades until the very day he died in 1975.

Morning Tea

Morning tea (provided) and conversations (encouraged).