Other Tips


In Australia emissions from agriculture are the 4th highest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, at around 13 percent (after electricity, stationary energy and transport)*. To reduce our food-related emissions, we can reduce consumption of animal products, especially red meat, and move to a more plant-based diet.

This graph shows food related carbon emissions from a recent study (PDF 2.5 MB).

Food Carbon Emissions graph

Here is a recipe spreadsheet (XLSX 159.5 KB) where you can see the impact of last night’s meal.

Another way to reduce your climate footprint from food is by reducing food waste. In Australia, one in three kilograms of food produce is wasted. You can reduce food waste by:

  • Purchasing only what you need
  • Opting for products with no or minimal packaging where possible
  • Composting your organic waste

*From Farm to Plate to the Atmosphere: Food related emissions – The Climate Council


Carbon emissions from commuting, both to and from work and for business, can make up a significant portion of our overall carbon emissions. For example, driving a large 4WD with one occupant generates over seventeen times as much carbon emissions as catching the train in Melbourne.

Commuting Carbon Emissions graph

To reduce your emissions from commuting, you can:

  • Walk for short distances. There are many physical and mental health benefits in addition to NO carbon emissions.
  • Cycle. A great way to commute and get fit at the same time!
  • Catch a train or tram. Metropolitan trains and trams run on electricity and are a very efficient way to travel.
  • Consider a car-share option, such as GoGet, rather than owning a vehicle.
  • Drive the smallest, most efficient vehicle that is practical for you.
  • Access a hybrid car if available.
  • Car pool with someone else who is going your way.

Hotel Accommodation

Generally, more expensive hotels have higher carbon emissions per room per night as a result of larger rooms. This varies widely for individual hotels so, before you book your hotel, review its sustainability credentials on its website.