Green Impact is a fun and flexible program for staff and students to undertake meaningful, positive actions on campus, working together to make the University of Melbourne a healthy and sustainable place to work and study.

About Green Impact

Green Impact is a change and engagement program, developed in the UK by the National Union of Students (NUS). Piloted for the first time in Australia at the University of Melbourne in 2017, Green Impact has been implemented by over 400 organisations worldwide. The program raises awareness of sustainability within an organisation by giving people a focused approach to tackling issues and supporting them in achieving these actions.

Worldwide feedback regarding Green Impact has been consistently positive, with participants reporting that it is a fun and engaging way to make meaningful environmental and sustainability change in their offices and across campus.

The Pilot Program

The 2017 program was a huge success! With 274 individuals, within 30 teams (22 audited) undertaking 588 sustainability based actions. To see all the results and winners from last year visit our winner’s page and gallery.

I loved being part of Green Impact in 2017. Not only did it bring different people within our department together, it had a positive and noticeable impact on our department as a whole and our day to day processes. Even those who were not part of the core ‘GO Green’ team were sharing their ideas to be more sustainable and commenting to us on what a great initiative it was. Jess Parker, Marketing Coordinator, Melbourne School of Professional and Continuing Education

Join Green Impact

Launching for the second year in 2018, staff and students are now invited to join Green Impact. By creating a team within your department or faculty, you can tackle sustainability issues, compete with other teams across the university, and get recognition for all your achievements!

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