The University’s biodiversity on all campuses will be valued, utilised for “Living Lab” research, managed sustainably, able to adapt to change and continue to provide environmental services and benefits for people and the rest of the biosphere.

The University of Melbourne campuses feature magnificent natural and created landscapes with a rich abundance of flora and fauna and are regarded as some of the best managed and highly biodiverse privately owned landscapes in Victoria. This urban and rural biodiversity adds value to all aspects of university life for students, staff and visitors.

In 2017 the University’s first Biodiversity Management Plan was produced following the publication of the University’s Sustainability Plan 2017-2020. It sets out how the University will value and look after on-campus biodiversity by integrating its management into the three major aspects of operations, research and learning and teaching.

The Biodiversity Coordinator oversees the implementation of the Plan and strives to ensure that biodiversity considerations are taken into account in all future projects.

You can learn more about the amazing diversity of life on campus by going on a tour, attending an event (e.g. Bioblitz) or by searching for “biodiversity” on Minerva - a publicly accessible research platform.

Download the Biodiversity Plan Urban Forest Plan Summary