Green Building Council of Australia

At the University of Melbourne we are committed to independently certifying our new buildings with the Green Building Council of Australia. Our Sustainability Plan 2017-2020 commits us to five-star Green Star ‘Design and As Built’ rating (or equivalent) for all new buildings, increasing to a minimum six-star (world leadership) or equivalent by 2020.

Green Star Communities

In June 2013, the University of Melbourne became the first University to commit to achieving a Green Star Communities rating. The University recognised that environmental action and liveability are important to staff and students, and the communities rating was an opportunity to demonstrate University-wide commitment to best practice sustainability, beyond the three Green Star rated buildings at Parkville at the time. In June 2017, we became the first and only University to achieve a 6 Star Communities rating – equating to world leadership – for our Parkville campus.

University of Melbourne Green Star Communities

Notable achievements  and commitments by the University rewarded in Green Star Communities include:

  • Achieved 9 out of 10 possible innovation points
  • Commitment to zero net carbon emissions from electricity by 2021 and carbon neutrality before 2030
  • First University in Australia to undertake a Nitrogen footprint of its operations
  • First University in Australia to use the Green Impact sustainability engagement programme
  • Recognition of all the planning and activities that the University does to foster the health and well-being of staff, students and visitors, including:
    • Tobacco free campus
    • Tools and training to support better mental health
    • Extensive sport and fitness facilities
    • Infrastructure and promotion of cycling
    • Green spaces
    • Access to medical, dental, optical and mental health services
    • Safer Community Program
  • The Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Plan created as part of the Communities rating for Parkville will become an integral part of a University-wide (all campuses) climate change adaptation plan
  • Recognition of the University's extensive digital infrastructure and the Smart Campus analytics overlay to enable better informed decision-making
  • Recognition of how the University makes sustainability meaningful for staff, students and visitors through surveys and consultation, and promotes the outcomes and benefits.
  • Recognition of how the University uses its campus as a living lab: a demonstrator for course-work students and a test-bed for researchers.

We are working to stay true to this rating as the Parkville campus and surrounds go through a period of unprecedented development, including the Melbourne Metro Project, New Student Precinct, Carlton Connect Initiative and Engineering School works amongst others.

Peter Doherty Institute

Peter Doherty Institute

The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection & Immunity is a 5 Star Green Star building and alongside other 'green' buildings on the University of Melbourne campuses, it demonstrates the University's commitment to sustainable design principles.

  • co-generation plant saves 2,475 tonnes CO2 per year
  • 100,000-litre rainwater tank
  • Greywater filtration system on roof

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The Melbourne Brain Centre

The Brain Centre

The Melbourne Brain Centre is another 5 Star Green Star Education building on the University of Melbourne's campuses. Alongside other 'green' buildings around campus, it demonstrates the University's commitment to Sustainable design principles.

  • Mixed-mode ventilation system
  • co-gen plant reduces emissions by 55%
  • 50,000-litre rainwater tank

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The Spot

UoM The Spot

The Faculty of Business and Economics building, also known as 'The Spot', is among the first 'Australian Excellence', 5 Star Green Star Education buildings in Australia. Alongside other 'green' buildings on the University of Melbourne's campuses, it demonstrates the University's commitment to Sustainable design principles.

  • Chilled beam technology
  • 46% less energy than comparable building
  • blackwater recycling plant treats 30,000 litres per day

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Arts West

UoM Arts West

The goal of the Arts West Redevelopment is to enhance teaching and learning in a way that is financially responsible and embodies the University's commitment to environmental stewardship. The project is a 5 star Green Star Education v1 Design rating, which equates to Australian Excellence.

  • 5 Star Green Star Rated including Energy sub-metering and Student cycling facilities
  • Part of the new building is constructed over the previous 1960's building to reuse materials
  • Object-based learning includes the integrated Museum and landscaping which is around the theme of plants found on all the southern hemisphere continents between Latitude 30 and 40 degrees south

UoM Arts West

The building enhances teaching and learning by providing excellent indoor environment quality in all teaching and staff spaces, including:

  • 100% outside air, with no recirculation
  • Throughout the construction process, the Head Contractor implemented an indoor air quality management plan
  • High quality external views, with blinds to help control glare
  • Design for good speech intelligibility and to minimise distracting noise from building services
  • A high level of thermal comfort

The building demonstrates the University's commitment to the environment through:

  • Targeted 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to a BCA code compliant building
  • Water efficient fixtures and fittings, combined with water re-use, reducing the water consumption of the building



The Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning.

  • 6 Star Green Star Rating for new Architecture Building
  • Extensive LED lighting
  • Laminated timber beams
  • 750,000-litre rainwater tank

Leicester St, Student Accommodation

Leicester St Student Accomodation

This 14 storey Student Village has a capacity of 648 beds, features solar panels, cross ventilation and high efficiency fixtures.

  • 5 Star Green Star – Multi Unit Residential Design v1 Certified Rating
  • High performance insulation and glazing systems
  • Solar panels

About the Green Building Council of Australia

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) is the nation’s authority on sustainable buildings and communities. The GBCA’s mission is to accelerate the transformation of Australia’s built environment into one that is healthy, liveable, productive, resilient and sustainable. The GBCA works with industry and government to encourage policies and programs that support its mission.

The Council educates thousands of people each year on how to design and deliver sustainable outcomes for Australia’s buildings and communities. And it operates Australia’s only national, voluntary, holistic rating system for sustainable buildings and communities – Green Star.

About Green Star – Communities

Green Star – Communities is an independent, national, voluntary rating tool developed by the Green Building Council of Australia to drive more sustainable, productive and liveable communities. Green Star – Communities supports the planning, design and delivery of communities, precincts and neighbourhoods that prioritise environmental sustainability – such as minimising energy and water consumption, and reducing dependence on motor vehicles – alongside broader issues such as economic prosperity, liveability and community health and wellbeing.