All About Organics Tour

All about organics tour

Do you want to find a solution for your organic waste disposal? Then this organic waste tour is perfect for you!

Come along to this in-person training session where you will be led on a tour of the Community Garden compost bins, the new System Garden compost bins and the Food Waste Processor at Union House and be taught how to use each system appropriately.

These systems are really easy to use, and you will directly be part of reducing your carbon footprint.

What's more, if you are part of Green Impact, participants will get to complete toolkit actions B019 and B042 (Teams) or B019 and B033 (Individuals).

We will start the tour at the Community Garden (near the Walter Boas building on the Parkville campus). See Google Map for directions.

**Please note: Only those that have completed this tour can use the food waste processor at Union House.