Keeping bees with a Flow Hive: a journey from innovation to commercial success

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Stuart and Cedar Anderson are the inventors of the Flow Hive, which has taken the beekeeping world by storm. In February, 2015, they launched an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign with the humble goal of raising US$70,000 to develop their invention. The goal was reached within 477 seconds and so far US$3,365,284 was raised. By April 15th, 20,000 kits were ordered.

Now, the Flow Hive is exported worldwide and changed how bees are being kept and honey is harvested. The company also supports beekeeping clubs and beekeeping education.

Please come and listen to their incredible story.

With the Flow Hive there is no need to dismantle the hives and remove the frames for extraction. No smokers, no centrifugal extractors, no back-breaking work of pulling honey supers. Instead you just turn a lever which opens the channel within the honeycomb and the honey drains to a pipe at the back of the hive directly into your container of choice.

Meanwhile, back in the hive, the bees are virtually undisturbed as the honey drains from under their feet. When you’re finished draining you just turn the lever back and the cells are reset and ready to be refilled. The bees then uncap the combs and start again without being disturbed.

Flow Hive