The Global Institute of Food Security

Lecture Theatre 227, Level 2
Kwong Lee Dow Building
234 Queensberry Street


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Gregory Scott Harper

T: 9305 3479

In order to meet the world’s food needs, agricultural productivity needs to improve by about 70% by 2050, and this improvement can come only through ingenuity and innovation. The Global Institute for Food Security is helping to make these improvements by creating technologies that will have commercial utility in advanced agricultural nations and the developing world alike.

The Institute chooses to work in areas of agricultural research that have the potential to benefit 'breadbasket' nations but also have the potential to enhance agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa and south Asia. Progress in both worlds is essential to assuring long-term food security. This cannot be achieved without many partners, but it can be promoted if scientists from the outset are focusing on opportunities in both worlds. It starts with a vision and a mindset; it succeeds when a discovery becomes part of farming practice and contributes, even village by village, to global food security.

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Professor Maurice Moloney is currently Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer at the Global Institute for Food Security (GIFS) in Saskatoon, Canada. He is an internationally renowned agricultural scientist, strategic thinker and commentator.