Intern testimonials

Between Semester 2 2020 and Summer Semester 2022, the Sustainability Team has welcomed to the program 27 students from a diverse range of courses including the Bachelor of Science, Master of Environment, Master of Environmental Science, Master of Landscape Architecture, Master of Spatial Engineering, Master of Marketing Communications, Master of Management and more. All students received course credit for their contributions through a University-endorsed subject.

View a summary of all previous projects completed by students undertaking internships with the Sustainability Team.

  • Previous internship projects
    SemesterInternshipProject summaryNameCourse
    Semester 1 2021EnergyCollected and analysed energy consumption data from buildings on campus over the 2020 COVID-19 affected period, to calculate emissions reductions.RuthMaster of Environment
    Semester 1 2021Waste MinimisationManaged and delivered the roll out of the University-wide bin audit across all campuses, coordinating student volunteers to assist. Recorded data about bins and signage in all buildings to ensure a consistent process and messaging for bins across the university.KaraMaster of Environment
    Semester 1 2021Digital CommunicationsCoordinated the implementation of student-designed sustainability murals in Union House, created content for the Sustainability website and social media channels.WenMaster of Marketing Communications
    Semester 1 2021EngagementCompleted a full review of the Choose to Reuse Plate Program and the Choose to Reuse Event Service at the University and provided recommendations for improvement. Developed a sustainable events training model for staff and students at the University.SofiaMaster of Management (Marketing)
    Summer Semester 2021TransportCollated and analysed all transport-related feedback from the University community. Developed a presentation to highlight the findings and provided recommendations for next steps to improve transport engagement and infrastructure.RosalindaMaster of Environment
    Summer Semester 2021Waste MinimisationWorked with key stakeholders to implement compost bins in the System Garden, developing signage and contacting stakeholders to ensure correct usage. Updated waste-related information on the website and worked on a number of other waste projects across campus.HarizMaster of Environment
    Summer Semester 2021CommunicationsStrategised and designed a waste reduction campaign implemented through posters on campus, wrote for the Sustainability website and social media channels.CharmaineMaster of Environment
    Summer Semester 2021Green ImpactAnalysed the 2020 Green Impact program, helping to deliver feedback sessions. Used analysis to help with development of the 2021 toolkit and worked with key stakeholders from across the University to influence the program.ZaraMaster of Environment
    Summer Semester 2021BiodiversityWorked on metrics 3, 4 and 5 of the Biodiversity Baseline Data project for the Burnley Campus, completing analysis of the 2016 plant and tree inventories and assisting to set up data collection methodologies.RyanMaster of Environment
    Summer Semester 2021Sustainable EventsResearched the negative environmental impacts of events to develop a report. Analysed data from University events and compared best practice examples.EmilyMaster of Environment
    Summer Semester 2021BiodiversityWorked on metric 6 of the Biodiversity Baseline Data project, calculating canopy cover for the Southbank and Shepparton campuses. Completed a literature review and methodology comparison for the University’s Southbank campus to determine best way to calculate canopy cover for the remaining campuses.CherryMaster of Landscape Architecture
    Semester 2 2020Waste MinimisationWorked on several projects: plastic-free campus focus groups, researched compost bins and plastic bottle alternatives, engaged with student groups on the Sustainability Plan Consultation Sessions, finalised a retailer survey.VictoriaMaster of Environment
    Semester 2 2020BiodiversityWorked on metric 7 of the Biodiversity Baseline Data project. Analysed fauna and fungi sightings from the Atlas of Living Australia for each of the University's eight campuses to better understand species inhabiting campuses in order to better cater to their needs.OliverMaster of Environmental Science
    Semester 2 2020BiodiversityWorked on metric 2 of the Biodiversity Baseline Data project by consolidating and collecting data about significant areas on campus. This included those that provide habitat resources or provide value in an ecological unit that should be known about and protected.OliviaBachelor of Science, Geography Major
    Semester 2 2020Spatial MappingHelped to develop an interactive map of the Burnley Gardens to be used as a research, teaching and learning resource, to improve internal management and knowledge, and to calculate biodiversity baselines 1 for the Burnley campus.SrilakshmiMaster of Spatial Engineering

Ruth Thompson, Master of Environment

Energy Intern, Semester 1 2021

"I interned with Campus Management focusing on the University's energy use and 'Smart Campus Energy Upgrades. Undertaking my internship saw me develop and challenge my existing skill set and views with there being a complimentary overlap between what I was learning in the classroom and tasks undertaken at work. Furthermore, my internship saw me more actively engage with the University and gain a deeper understanding as to its institutional operations. Perhaps most importantly my placement served to cement my passion to pursue a career in sustainable building and urban design."

Wen Qiu, Master of Marketing Communications

Digital Communications Intern, Semester 1 2021

“My internship with the Sustainability Team took place in the last semester of my master’s degree. As a soon-to-be marketing graduate, this experience has not only provided me with valuable insights in the practical application of theories taught in class, but has also equipped me with essential skills needed for my transition into professional media practice. The highlight of my internship was leading the Union House Mural Project. This helped improve my project management skills such as event planning, stakeholder communications and targeted content writing. Lastly, what I appreciated most was that the team treated all interns with an inclusive and welcoming attitude which helped me gain confidence in generating my own ideas and voicing my opinions.”

Kara Freedman, Master of Environment

Waste Minimisation Intern, Semester 1 2021

“My internship with the Sustainability Team was a great opportunity to see a project plan through from start to finish and really understand the full scope behind complex operational practices. As part of a University-wide bin audit, I engaged with stakeholders within Campus Management as well as in various faculties on campus, which helped me enhance my sustainability communication and interact with people who have different ideas and needs around sustainability. This internship also has cemented for me a desire to work in an operations or corporate social responsibility role after graduation, so I can focus my job search on relevant roles.”

Photo of sofia

Sofia Shanti Giannotti, Master of Management (Marketing)

Engagement Intern, Semester 1 2021

“This experience helped me to develop valuable professional and personal skills such as networking, teamwork, organisation and writing skills, as well as to apply knowledge from my Master of Management (Marketing). What I am most proud of is contributing to the effectiveness of the Choose to Reuse Plate Program, and to consequently create effective behaviour change, raising awareness about sustainability in students and staff. Moreover, I gained valuable subject knowledge about sustainability, which is extremely relevant for my future career goal to work in sustainability consulting.”

Photo of Hariz holding an organics bucket

Hariz Ahmad, Master of Environment

Waste Minimisation Intern, Summer Semester 2021

“Coming into the internship at the beginning of the Master of Environment helped me clarify future career path and outlined my strengths and weaknesses as a professional. Working on implementing the System Garden Composting Program was the highlight of my internship as I was able to apply my project management and stakeholder engagement skills while experiencing the reality of introducing a new resource recovery program. I had the opportunity to work on multiple projects within the team and with other departments, which gave me the chance to step outside my comfort zone. I gained so much knowledge and experience in the short time I spent there and created friendships that extended outside of the internship.”

Photo of Ryan leaning on a fence

Ryan Fisher, Master of Environment

Biodiversity Intern, Summer Semester 2021

“Having the opportunity to work with such a diverse group of people with different disciplinary backgrounds provided me with extensive real-life work experience that I could see really making a difference to the future of the University. The skills, such as the use of GIS software, report writing, data analysis and flora identification, and friends that I made during my internship will no doubt stick with me and help me to find my dream career.”

Photo of Cherry

Cherry Lai, Master of Landscape Architecture

Biodiversity Intern, Summer Semester 2021

“The internship allowed me to work collaboratively with people of different expertise, which has helped me expand my knowledge beyond design and into plants and ecosystems. Working on the Tree Canopy Cover project helped me improve my critical thinking skills as a landscape architect and enhanced my understanding of sustainable practices. I gained valuable practical skills in surveying, mapping, data analysis, and report writing and am so grateful that the friendly team was always happy to provide me with support and guidance, making me more confident and prepared for entering the workplace.”

Zara Henderson, Master of Environment

Green Impact Intern, Summer Semester 2021

"Entering the final year of my university studies, my internship with the Sustainability Team was fantastic preparation for the transition from university to the professional working environment. By working on a project updating the Green Impact sustainability engagement program, I gained practical skills in project management, stakeholder engagement, collaborative teamwork, and presentation delivery. The team are also very welcoming and were happy to answer any questions that I had. Being able to speak to my experiences during the internship has no doubt helped me to secure a graduate position in the sustainability sector after finishing my studies.”

Emily Rollis, Master of Environment

Sustainable Events Intern, Summer Semester 2021

“As an area of sustainability I had little experience with, the sustainable events internship combined diverse issues around waste, engagement and emissions reporting. This provided me the opportunity to analyse data as well as strengthen my report writing and stakeholder management skills. The opportunity to not only work with like-minded individuals but to also see firsthand how projects align with the University's sustainability strategy and the interests of the broader community, was the most rewarding experience of the internship.”

Oliver Richards, Master of Environmental Science

Biodiversity Intern, Semester 2 2020

“This biodiversity internship enabled me to bridge the gap between my academic university experiences and practical workplace skills. Learning the process of applying ecological principles in a useful and meaningful way was invaluable. I was so fortunate to meet and work with a diverse group of people from whom I learnt so much from. I have since commenced working in a position I love, and I attribute much of my success in landing the role to this internship.”