Food organics

You can help to divert food scraps from landfill by using a compost bin, worm farm or our Choose to Reuse Program at Union House.

Food organics at Union House

As part of the Choose to Reuse Plate Program, you can dispose of your leftover food scraps into one of the maroon food organics trays located at any of the dish drop off stations in Union House, Parkville campus.

What to put in

  • Any food scraps (including bones and liquids)

Food organics buckets at Union House

What to leave out

Anything that is not food. This includes

  • Bamboo or wooden cutlery
  • Serviettes or paper
  • Bioplastics
  • Biodegradable packaging including Biopak branded containers

Where do the food scraps go?

Contents of the food organics trays are collected by the Union House cleaning team who deposit materials into a food waste processor. This machines mixes, heats and adds microbes to the food organics for up to a week. The process turns the organic material into soil conditioner which is then taken offsite to be matured and mixed to make nutrient-rich soil.