Let's be change makers

Learn about sustainability on campus in a way that makes a difference with Green Impact.

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Make positive changes to your daily habits with this sustainable action program at the University of Melbourne.

What will you achieve with Green Impact?

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Learn the sustainability knowledge you need for the future through easy, sustainable actions. PLUS receive a certification on program completion and, if you're a Student Project Assistant, receive a digital credential through Melbourne Plus program.

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Lean on

Lean on an online toolkit packed full of free resources, with one-on-one support from our team every step of the way.

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Meet new people from other areas of the University and share knowledge with other students and staff in our growing Green Impact community.

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Ruby Craven, student participant

What our participants say

“Green Impact is such a valuable program at the University of Melbourne, because it is teaching you the skills you need and giving you the opportunity to take little actions in your daily life that is going to have a big impact if we all take part together”.

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Steve Simpson-Yap, staff participant

“Everybody should join Green Impact because it’s a great way to improve the environment and our communities. We’re waiting for you. Join Green Impact and let’s be change makers.”

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Join a global community

Green Impact has been implemented by over 450 organisations worldwide to consistently positive feedback from participants.

Over 1200 University of Melbourne staff and students engaged with the program in 2020, with all surveyed participants saying the program helped them to better understand how their actions contributed to sustainability issues.

Join as a student

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Because together, we can make a positive change for the planet.