How it works

Through Green Impact, the University of Melbourne provides staff, students and campus retailers with the framework and support to be more sustainable while working or studying.

When you join, you sign up to an online toolkit which guides you through taking sustainable actions one by one, using University of Melbourne resources to help you along the way. Anyone at the University can sign up in a team or as an individual, or if you are a student you can also volunteer to assist a staff team.

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Log actions, be rewarded

Every time you complete an action, you gain points that are tallied at the end of the program. Then, at the end of year Awards Ceremony, teams and individuals with the highest number of points (and therefore the biggest impact) are awarded with some amazing prizes. However, everyone who gets involved gets to celebrate and be recognised!

Exclusive opportunities

Throughout the year, you’ll also be invited to:

  • Exclusive Australasia-wide educational webinars and workshops hosted by Australian Campuses Towards Sustainability (ACTS)
  • Showcases and forums for you to meet other Green Impact participants, get tips and be inspired by our change maker community
  • Share your experience and ideas on what can be done to make sustainability at the University better than ever.

Making a real difference on campus

What’s more, every action is aligned to the University’s institutional Sustainability Plan and overarching strategy, so even the simplest action contributes to the big picture.

Because only together, can we be change makers.

  • About Green Impact

    The University of Melbourne was the first Australian tertiary institution to implement Green Impact in 2017. Since then, 1700 direct participants and 375 student volunteers have been involved with Green Impact at the University of Melbourne, with 5388 verified sustainable actions completed in that time.

    Developed in the UK by the National Union of Students (NUS) and delivered in Australia by Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability (ACTS), Green Impact has been implemented by over 450 organisations worldwide to consistently positive feedback from participants.

    Learn more about the ACTS Green Impact program