Waste to landfill

You can put items that cannot be recycled or reused into the red landfill bins around campus.

landfill waste poster

What to put in

  • Soft plastics
  • Disposable cups, including all take-away coffee cups
  • Wrappers and plastic packets
  • Serviettes and paper towel
  • Plastic cutlery and chopsticks
  • Bamboo cutlery and chopsticks
  • Bioplastics including Biopak packaging

What to leave out

Where do we send our rubbish?

Rubbish in the red bins gets sent to be buried in landfill. The university is on track to reduce its contribution of waste to landfill to 20kg per person by 2020. To find out more about the university’s waste targets, visit Sustainability Plan 2017–2020.

Mini-Bin system

Please note there will no longer be any Mini-Bins provided for new staff as we transition to the bin stations above. Any staff who have the old Mini-Bin system can continue using it but making sure to empty waste themselves at bin stations where applicable.