Top 10 tips to be sustainable on campus

Find out what you can do to be more sustainable while on campus by following our top 10 tips.

  1. Choose to Reuse at the Student Precinct

    Avoid single-use food packaging by picking up a reusable plate, bowl, mug or cutlery set the next time you purchase food from retailers on campus - see Choose to Reuse for a list of participating vendors. Remember to scrape leftover food into the organics bins to keep food scraps out of landfill.

  2. Bin it right

    Do you know what goes in each bin on campus? Always check the bin signs before putting your items in, and don't forget—coffee cups go in the red landfill bins. To find out where to put your rubbish, visit Reduce, re-use, recycle.

  3. Sign up to be a Sustainability Volunteer

    Help us make our campus more sustainable by volunteering your time to promote sustainable actions to students and staff. View our current volunteering opportunities.

  4. BYO coffee cup or Green Caffeen

    Bring your own cup, sit in to enjoy your coffee, or order your coffee in a Green Caffeen cup at participating cafes on campus to avoid contributing to landfill. For more instructions on where to find swap-and-go cups on campus, visit Green Caffeen.

  5. Ride your bike to uni

    Not only is cycling good for your glutes, it’s also a 100% sustainable and free mode of transport. If you’re unable to cycle or walk to uni, public transport is next best. Visit cycling to find out where all the bike facilities on campus are, including showers, parking and repair stations.

  6. Access free, clean water on campus

    Bring your own reusable drink bottle and fill up with free, clean drinking water at 29 water refill stations on Parkville campus.

  7. Download the Questagame App

    Be a citizen scientist and help the university to monitor wildlife numbers by downloading the Questagame App. Simply take photos of biodiversity around campus and upload to the app to score points in the annual UniBioquest competition. Visit Wildversity to find out how to join the University's team!

  8. Reduce food waste to landfill

    Dispose of your food scraps into a food organics bin or compost where available. Food organics bins are located throughout campus for you to scrape your plate. For more information on what can and can't go into the organics bin, visit food organics.

  9. Run a sustainable event with your club

    Be an advocate for sustainability in your student club by promoting sustainable choices at your next club event. Book the Choose to Reuse Events Service to avoid serving food in single-use packaging or email the Sustainability Team for more tips.

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