Green Caffeen

Pick up a free reusable coffee cup next time you grab a caffeine hit on campus, using the Green Caffeen app.

Close up of a girl holding a dark green reusable coffee cup with text reading 'Choose to Reuse @ UniMelb' and 'green caffeen' on it in white. The girl is standing on a footpath on a sunny street with trees in the background.

Did you know that 2.7 million single-use coffee cups are discarded every day in Australia, filling up landfills with waste?

Green Caffeen is a free reusable coffee cup system available on campus that makes it easier than ever to say goodbye to disposable coffee cups. It's a perfect solution for coffee lovers that works just like borrowing a library book. Plus, you no longer have to remember to bring your favourite coffee cup to campus – all you need is your phone!

How it works

  1. Download the Green Caffeen app from the Apple Store or Google Play.

  2. Head to a participating cafe and order your coffee in a Green Caffeen cup.

  3. Scan the Green Caffeen QR code to check the cup out.

  4. Enjoy your coffee, wastefree.

  5. Return the cup to any participating Green Caffeen cafe within 30 days.

Working towards a circular economy

The partnership between the University of Melbourne and Green Caffeen aligns with the University's  Sustainability Plan 2030, which will outline our commitment to reducing waste to landfill, ensuring ethical and social consumption, and working towards a circular economy. This means stopping waste at the source and improving reuse services.

Where can I find Green Caffeen at the University?

Download the Green Caffeen app or visit their website to find location across Melbourne.

Find a Green Caffeen cafe near me!