An A–Z of resources to help staff and students reduce their environmental impact on campus.

Bin posters

The posters below can be downloaded and printed at A3 size (recommended).

Recycling A3 Poster

Recycling bin poster (PDF 848.8 KB)

Waste A3 Poster

Landfill bin poster (PDF 711.8 KB)


What can go in the compost bin

What goes in a compost bin?

What can go in a worm farm

What goes in a worm farm?
(JPG 146.5 KB)

What can go in the food waste processor

What goes in the food waste processor?
(JPG 149.0 KB)



Download the annual digital Sustainability Calendar to view University sustainability events, international sustainability days, University holidays and important dates, and monthly sustainability tips.


Students and members of the public can download the latest PDF version to manually install on their computer as a desktop wallpaper. This will not be updated automatically so check back each month for the latest version.

Download the PDF calendar


Staff can access the calendar in two formats;

  1. Desktop wallpaper format.
  2. Outlook format that can be viewed alongside your regular Outlook calendar.

Both formats will update automatically at the beginning of each month.

To access the calendar as a staff member, please see the installation instructions below.

  • Desktop wallpaper

    Staff will need to be temporarily connected  to the University VPN to install the calendar as a desktop wallpaper.

    Installing on Windows

    1. Search for 'Software Center' in the start menu and click to open.
    2. Search for ‘Sustainability Calendar’ in the search bar. Tick the checkbox once it appears.
    3. Select ‘Install selected’. Your desktop wallpaper will then update to the new Sustainability Calendar.

    Installing on Mac

    1. Open the 'Self Service' application. Login using your University username and password.
    2. Use the search bar in the top left corner to search for 'UoM Sustainability Calendar'.
    3. Select 'Install' and then 'OK'.
  • Outlook calendar

    Add the Sustainability Calendar on Outlook and you'll be able to view all our upcoming sustainability events alongside your personal calendar.

    For Windows users we recommend adding it through Outlook in your browser. Once successfully added it will also appear on any desktop Outlook installations.

    Installing on Outlook (through web browser)

    1. Log in to your University Microsoft Office account.
    2. Go to Calendar view.
    3. Click 'add calendar' in the left sidebar.
    4. Select 'add from directory' on the left.
    5. Search for '!Sustainability Calendar' and select ''.
    6. Add to any calendar section. The calendar will display under this section in your sidebar. Select and deselect to view as needed.

    For Mac users adding the calendar to your Outlook desktop app is easy.

    Installing on Outlook desktop app – Mac

    1. Select 'open shared calendar' under the 'home' menu.
    2. Search for '!Sustainability Calendar' and then select 'open'. You can turn on and off your view of the calendar alongside your personal calendar by ticking the check box under your account in the left sidebar.

Coffee cups


View locations of University cycling facilities via the Cycling @ UniMelb map, or visit the cycling page for more tips and advice about riding to campus.

Energy efficiency

Download and print the stickers to remind your colleagues and peers to switch off before they leave the room.

Environmental Law

EnviroLaw is an online directory that provides easy-to-read summaries of environmental legal requirements that are updated monthly.

Registration to EnviroLaw is available free to University of Melbourne staff and students who need to stay up to date with environmental laws, procedures and compliance in their roles, or to those who are simply interested.

Learn how to register


Use these resources to help you organise and run a sustainable event at the University of Melbourne. Visit the our sustainable events page for the full resource list.

Run a sustainable event

Run a sustainable event at home

Green Impact

Email signatures and recruitment

Please feel free to use the images below to promote Green Impact. Right click and save images to your computer or right click and copy image. Then place via your preferred email software or online email account and resize as necessary. Remember to hotlink the image back to if possible.

To help you recruit members to your team, we have created all new email templates to help you motivate and influence people to join your team:

  • Template 1: team leads to recruit first round of members
  • Template 2: team leads to showcase what they have achieved to encourage team members to continue with their green actions and recruit second round of members

Meetings and agreements for teams

Student roles

Supporting documents


Visit for general campus maps.

Sus Map

Sustainability Map

Cycling Map

Cycling Map

Urban Forest Map

Green Impact Teams Map

Reduce and reuse


Travel and transport

Sustainable Travel Checklist (JPG 2.8 MB)


  • Download the Waste Audit Template (WORD 188 KB) (PDF 415 KB) to audit the bins in your area and improve your waste practices.
  • View the A–Z of Waste to find out which bin rubbish items should go in.

A–Z of Waste