Useful information and resources to help staff and students achieve a sustainable campus.

Sustainability Maps

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*Please note: the Sustainability Team do not collect or manage the underlying data of some maps. For general campus maps created by Space Management please go to where you can also download PDF copies.

Sustainable Campus Presentations

Sustainability Posters

The posters below can be downloaded and printed at A3 size (recommended).

Recycling A3 Poster

Recycling (JPG 1.1 MB)

Waste A3 Poster

Waste (JPG 1.0 MB)

Organic Waste Poster

Organic Waste
(JPG 3.5 MB)

Reuse Water Bottles Poster

Water Bottles
(JPG 1.9 MB)

Save Toilet Paper Poster

Toilet Paper
(JPG 1.9 MB)

Dual Flush Toilet Poster

Dual Flush Toilets
(JPG 1.9 MB)

Shutdownn Computer Poster

Computers / Monitors
(JPG 2.8 MB)

Reusable Coffee Cup Poster

Coffee Cups
(JPG 1.8 MB)

Sustainable Travel Poster

Sustainable Travel
(JPG 2.8 MB)