Useful information and resources to help staff and students achieve a sustainable campus.

Sustainability Posters

The posters below can be downloaded and printed at A3 size (recommended).

Recycling A3 Poster

Recycling (JPG 1.1 MB)

Waste A3 Poster

Waste (JPG 1.0 MB)

Organic Waste Poster

Organic Waste
(JPG 3.5 MB)

What can go in the compost bin

What goes in a compost bin?

What can go in a worm farm

What goes in a worm farm?
(JPG 146.5 KB)

What can go in the food waste processor

What goes in the food waste processor?
(JPG 149.0 KB)

Join our GI Team Join our Green Impact Team
(JPG 75.6 KB)

Register your teamRegister your Green Impact Team
(JPG 37.4 KB)

Sustainable Travel Poster

Sustainable Travel
(JPG 2.8 MB)


Download the examples below and contact us with your preferred stickers. In the email please be specific in regards to sticker type and quantity. If you'd like to customise stickers or need some straight away please download this printable sticker sheet which contains all the current designs.

Sustainability Maps

*Please note: the Sustainability Team do not collect or manage the underlying data of some maps. For general campus maps created by Space Management please go to where you can also download PDF copies.

Sus Map

Sustainability Map

Cycling Map

Cycling Map

Urban Forest Map

Green Impact Teams Map

Guides and Checklists

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Green Impact Resources

Email Signatures and Templates

Please feel free to use the images below to promote Green Impact. Right click and save images to your computer or right click and copy image. Then place via your preferred email software or online email account and resize as necessary. Remember to hotlink the image back to if possible.

To help you recruit members to your team, we have created all new email templates to help you motivate and influence people to join your team:

  • Template 1: team leads to recruit first round of members
  • Template 2: team leads to showcase what they have achieved to encourage team members to continue with their green actions and recruit second round of members

Teams and Students

Supporting Documents