Energy projects on campus

We have focused on optimising building operations so that energy is used more efficiently and have installed over 11,000 solar panels at more than 44 locations across our campuses.

These approaches have been implemented through two large programs: The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) funding program from 2016 to 2018 and the Smart Campus Energy Upgrades (SCEU) project from 2019 to 2022.

Energy and Project Officer Ruth Thompson pictured on top of our Learning and Teaching Building at Werribee campus. The building has 137 solar panels, which generates enough energy to power two houses for an entire year!

Solar panels on campus

To reduce our carbon emissions, the University has installed over 11,000 PV panels in 44 locations across our campuses.

Explore our Solar Panel Map to find out where these solar panels are located and how much electricity they generate!

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Check your building's energy usage

Find out how much electricity is consumed in your University building through our Utility Report Database!

The Utility Report Database provides electricity consumption reports for buildings across all campuses. This assists departments and faculties to understand their electricity consumption and encourages targeted reduction of energy use to reduce our university-wide carbon footprint.

The database can produce flexible reports, including aggregating several buildings over a nominated time period. All utilities are covered by the database: electricity, gas, steam and water, but only the electricity usage can be queried at a building level.

Access the reports by following the instructions below:

  • Access the Clariti site.
  • Log in using the following credentials:


Password: uom2000

You can export and download reports in either PDF or Excel formats. If you need help interpreting the reports, please contact the Sustainability Team.