The University encourages cycling as a mode of transport and is always developing their campuses with bicycle facilities in mind. Parkville now has more than 1800 bicycle spaces on campus, 300 of which are in secure bicycle hubs. A large proportion of bicycle racks are checked by security and covered by CCTV.

Protect your bike

  • Lock your bicycle to a bicycle stand only - do not lock it to railings, trees, chairs
  • Use a sturdy secure lock, such as a D or U lock
  • Secure the lock through the bike frame to the stand - do not lock through the wheel
  • Ensure no easily removable accessories are left on the bicycle, such as lights and bags
  • Take all your valuable accessories and items
  • Record your bicycle identification numbers - serial, model, make
  • Photograph your bicycle before you go

Things to consider:

  • Insurance for your bicycle
  • Registering your bicycle on a bicycle database
  • Do not leave your bicycle at a same rack for an extended time

If your bike is stolen report it to security on 8344 6666 and local police on 8379 0800.

Cycling@Unimelb Map

Cycling@UniMelb Map

The Cycling@UniMelb Map highlights locations of bike repair stations, bike parking, showers and change room facilities, and drinking fountains on Parkville campus. You can find out what tools are located at each repair station, facilities of each bathroom and locations of secure bike parking via this map.

The Sustainability Team is working towards mapping cycling facilities at all university campuses.

View the map

Secure bike hubs

Secure bicycle hubs located on Parkville campus offer enclosed bicycle hoops, CCTV and access control to provide you protection and peace of mind.

Hub access is free for all University staff and students, but you will need to sign up to use them. Make sure to indicate which secure bicycle hub you would like to use, as you can only have access to one hub.

Hubs are located at:

Bike repair stations

Pump up a flat tire, adjust your seat or complete a minor repair at a bike repair station on campus.


Each station has the following tools available for anyone to use:

  • tyre pump for presta or schrader tyre valves
  • philips head screwdriver
  • flat head screwdriver
  • 2 sets of steel core tyre levers
  • headset/pedal wrench
  • 8/10mm cone wrench
  • 9/11mm cone wrench
  • torx T25
  • hex wrench set with 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm hex wrenches


Bikes can be docked one of three ways:

  • by hanging the bike by the seat
  • by hanging the bike by the top tube of the frame
  • by inserting one wheel into the wheel chock next to the repair stand. This is useful for those who do not wish to lift their bikes.

Find a bike repair location at Parkville, Southbank or Burnley campuses.

Report a fault

If you find one of our cycling facilities broken or faulty, please contact Campus Management via the form or details below.

Report a fault form

Phone: (03) 8344 0888