Reuse vending machine

Pick up reusable masks, coffee cups, water bottles and more when you need them most.

Close up of a girl opening a bright turquoise metal drink bottle in front of a dark green front door of a terrace house.

Staff, students and visitors can purchase a range of reusable items from our reuse vending machine on the Parkville campus. The University is aligning our COVIDSafe strategy with our sustainability values by making reusable face masks, coffee cups, drink bottles and other reusable items easily available on campus.

Reduce the amount of disposable waste produced on our campus by picking up a reusable item today!

You can find all the items listed below in the vending machine on the ground floor of the Arts and Cultural Building, opposite the elevators.

Staff can order UniMelb branded Keep Cups direct from Service Now.

Order reusable items for staff