The way old IT equipment, including computers, is disposed of at the university depends on whether your department is a customer of Infrastructure Services or not. Please check the details below for more information.

Electronic Asset Reuse and Disposal

The University has become increasingly aware of the issues caused by disposal of electronic Waste (E-waste) worldwide and consequently has decided to address the disposal of unwanted electronic equipment in a consistent, environmentally conscious manner.

Please click here for information on disposal of electronic assets (including mobile phones and their accessories) and e-waste.

Data Erasure & Evidence of Destruction

During the disposal process, all data will be erased from hardware and the equipment will then be recycled by the University's approved providers. These providers have been assessed for their ability to manage the University's compliance with information management and information security requirements.

The faculty will not sell or donate computers direct to staff.
Electronic asset and E-waste disposal remains sole responsibility of the University of Melbourne Campus Assist team.

Hard waste

Staff can submit a request to have broken or damaged furniture and equipment, as well as scrap metal, collected by the Campus Assist team.

Items will be taken offsite where our waste management operator will segregate items for recycling and landfill disposal.

Request hard waste to be collected

Community donations

The University of Melbourne is committed to assisting the wider community, and when surplus furniture, equipment and computers are available they may be donated to not-for-profit organisations and local community groups.

Details on donations