Batteries are the most common form of household hazardous waste. But the environmental impact of batteries is not limited to the waste stream. Environmental impacts occur in the production, distribution and end-of-life phases of the battery life cycle.

Go Green – Use rechargeable batteries where possible (charged via green power if available!)

Use Discretion – Recycle any end of life batteries. We recommend dropping household batteries off at a 'Batteryback' drop off location near you.

On Campus

To dispose of batteries, please locate your nearest 'Battery Bucket' (map below).
Please do not send through internal mail. To have your battery bucket swapped over please place a Campus Assist request.

Off Campus

'Batteryback' is a free Victorian Government service that recycles old and used household style batteries. For more information, please go to the Batteryback Sustainability Victoria website.

Stop – Never put them in a recycling bin, always find a safe disposable method as they can deteriorate and leak.

Battery Bucket Map

Please expand sidebar (top left) in map below for a detailed alphabetical listing.