Established in 1856, the System Garden is one of the oldest teaching gardens in the country. Plants in the garden are arranged into subclasses and families, giving visitors the opportunity to learn by comparing the form and flower structure of different plant families.

Located off Royal Parade in Parkville, the Garden is open to the public 9am–5pm Monday to Friday. Visit to enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of the Garden learn more about plant relationships.

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The Herbarium

Established in 1926, it's now the largest university herbarium in Australia, with an estimated 150,000 specimens. It complements the System Garden's living collection of plants with a collection of preserved, data-based specimens for study and reference. More from Biosciences about the herbarium.

The Glasshouse

The System Garden's centrally located tower, originally a potting shed to a unique octagonal conservatory. Though today all that remains is the tower of the old conservatory, retained when the glasshouse was dismantled in 1916.

Future plans

A 10 year masterplan to help re-establish the System Garden as a cherished and valuable space within the Parkville campus aligned with the objectives of the University.

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