Future Plans Draft

The System Garden is a key component of the Parkville Open spaces. The second largest Parkville open space, it will provide a quiet, contemplative, botanic garden. A social space, where the diversity and beauty of the plant kingdom is described. The garden will provide tangible links to indigenous learning and the history of the University, it will provide opportunities for research and learning around plants, ecosystems and sustainability.


The document below provides a 10 year masterplan to help re-establish the System Garden as a cherished and valuable space within the Parkville campus aligned with the objectives of the University. The aims of the masterplan were to:

  • understand and promote the value of the System Garden for the University and its students;
  • prevent future development damaging the garden; and
  • provide guidelines for the refurbishment of the garden to enhance the value of the space for the University.

Download the System Garden Masterplan

Understanding the Value of the System Garden

The masterplanning process included engagement with both staff and students to build a picture of the current values of the place. These values were described and prioritised into core values and additional values.

The Core values, are key to the current and future opera on of the Parkville campus, they have a direct link to the University’s OC21 strategy (Our Campus in the 21st Century) and will drive the focus for the refurbishment of the System Garden. The core values include:

  • Social Space
  • Teaching and Learning

The Additional values, are an important component of the System Garden and compliment the core values. These values have been used to help inform the masterplan and include:

  • University Heritage
  • Indigenous Connection
  • Sustainable Resource
  • Scientific Resource