Sustainability commitment in action

The University’s Sustainability Framework commits us to ensuring our campus operations, environments and engagement activities confront sustainability challenges using ‘living lab’ principles.

Sustainability Framework

The commitment to Place in Advancing Melbourne is reflected in our aspiration to be an exemplar of sustainable, equitable community through our campuses, their operations, and our engagement activities. We do this by minimising and optimising resource use across all campuses, in areas including water, waste, energy and our carbon footprint, and by educating and enabling our staff and students to make a positive contribution to sustainability on campus and in the wider community.

Our campuses and communities are integral to University action on sustainability under the Sustainability Framework. The Framework integrates action on sustainability across all areas of institutional activity and comprises the Sustainability Charter, Plan and Report.

Our campus

We are committed to leadership and action through our campus operations, built environments and landscapes. The University’s Sustainability Team comprises experts across multiple sustainability streams, who are responsible for directing the projects and activities that address the University’s operational targets under the Sustainability Plan, and increase student and staff awareness and participation through on-campus action and events.

Our community

By  modelling sustainability on campus and engaging our staff and students in programs, activities and positive action, we strive to build a committed and well-informed University community who are motivated to carry their knowledge and skills into the broader community. This extends the impact of our on-campus activities far beyond our campus borders.

University community awareness and participation are measured through the University’s Staff and Student Sustainability Survey (SSSS). The results are used to evaluate the impact of the University’s existing on-campus sustainability initiatives and inform future initiatives.

Student and Staff Sustainability Survey

The biennial Student and Staff Sustainability Survey (SSSS) is voluntarily completed by current staff and students at the University. Its purpose is to gauge student and staff views, awareness and behaviours towards sustainability relative to the University’s sustainability targets and objectives.

The results of the 2020 survey were used to inform the priorities and targets of the University’s Sustainability Plan 2030.

The 2022 survey closed on Friday 16 September 2022. To view the findings, download the 2022 Sustainability Survey Report.

Consultation to shape a sustainable future

In May 2021, the University reaffirmed the ambitious commitments of our Sustainability Charter through the development of a new Sustainability Plan to 2030.

The first phase of Plan development was a 14-week period of consultation with our student, staff and alumni communities.

To learn more about the Plan's development including the outcomes of the community consultation phase, visit Shape our future.

Consulting our community for the Sustainability Plan