Our sustainable buildings

The University received its first Green Star Design rating in 2008. More recent building projects have been rated with Green Star Design and As Built ratings.

Latest projects

Our more recent buildings have been awarded Green Star Design and As Built ratings. They include Western Edges Biosciences Building (WEBs), the Werribee Learning and Teaching Building and the Stables at Southbank.

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The following buildings have been awarded with five or six-star Green Star Design ratings.

Key sustainability features of the Glyn Davis building include zinc panelling, a 750 kL water tank and temperature regulation.

Glyn Davis Building (MSD)

The Glyn Davis Building is home to the Melbourne School of Design (MSD). Designed as an open learning space to encourage collaboration between students, its sustainability features include:

  • a six-star Green Star rating
  • extensive LED lighting
  • laminated timber beams
  • smart temperature regulation
  • zinc panelling, which has a low-embodied energy and stops excess heat coming into the building, while its perforations allow for maximum light.
  • a 750 kL water tank in the basement. Rainwater is collected here and reused for landscape irrigation and toilet flushing.
  • the incorporation of a heritage-listed Joseph Reed fa├žade.
Peter Doherty Institute

Peter Doherty Institute

The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection & Immunity is a  joint venture between the University of Melbourne and The Royal Melbourne Hospital whose building demonstrates the University's commitment to sustainable design principles. Its sustainable features include:

  • five-star Green Star Design rating
  • co-generation plant that saves 2,475 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year
  • 100 kL rainwater tank
  • greywater filtration system on roof

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The Brain Centre

Kenneth Myer Building

Home to the Melbourne Brain Centre and neuroscience research activity at the University, the building's sustainable features include:

  • a five-star Green Star Design rating
  • mixed-mode ventilation system
  • co-generation plant that reduces carbon emissions by 55%
  • 50 kL rainwater tank.

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UoM The Spot

The Spot

Home to the Faculty of Business and Economics, this building's sustainable features include:

  • a five-star Green Star Design rating
  • chilled beam technology
  • 46% less energy than comparable building
  • blackwater recycling plant treats 30,000 litres per day

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UoM Arts West

Arts West

The Arts West redevelopment enhances teaching and learning while embodying the University's commitment to environmental stewardship. The redevelopment saw the construction of a new building over the previous 1960's building, ensuring that materials were reused without waste. Its features include:

  • a five-star Star Green Star rating
  • 100% outside air, with no recirculation
  • energy sub-metering
  • water efficient fixtures and fittings
  • reuse of water for non-potable uses
  • cycling facilities
  • a targeted 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to a BCA code compliant building
  • landscaping that showcases plants found in the southern hemisphere between latitude 30 and 40 degrees south
  • blinds to help control glare while offering high-quality external views
  • acoustics design that allow for optimum speech intelligibility and minimises distracting noise
  • an integrated gallery.
Leicester St Student Accomodation

Student Village

Located in Leicester Street, Carlton, this 14-storey building houses 648 beds of student accomodation. Its sustainable features include:

  • a five-star Green Star Design rating
  • high performance insulation and glazing systems
  • solar panels
  • 20 kL water recycling facility
  • rooftop gardens
  • a thermal chimney that helps to naturally ventilate the building's corridors.