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We’re preparing to reaffirm the ambitious commitments of our Sustainability Charter, through the development of our Sustainability Plan 2021–2025, and need the whole University community to envision our sustainable future.

To help shape our new Plan, the University is seeking views and ideas from students, staff and alumni in the first stage of consultation. Fill out the feedback form or attend an online event to have your voice heard.

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Sessions run for students by students

Student-run feedback sessions are being organised by the University's Postgraduate Environment Network (PEN) and the Student Union's Environment Department (UMSU Enviro) for late September.

To attend a session run by UMSU Enviro, check their Facebook page for upcoming events. The session run by PEN is open to existing PEN members only.

Consulting our sustainability community

Specific consultation events have been organised in September for participants of our Green Impact Program and Sustainability Advocates.

Other ways to participate

Further consultation sessions are currently being planned. Sign up to the Sustainability mailing list for further information as these events are confirmed. In the meantime, don't forget to fill out the feedback form to have your voice heard!

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Our commitment to sustainability

The Sustainability Plan delivers on the University’s commitment to lead and act on the critical challenges of global sustainability and a changing climate, and to model our campuses as sustainable and resilient communities.

In these extraordinary times, a sustainable future for our planet is more critical than ever. As a member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and signatory to the ‘University commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the University has an important role to play in the shaping a more sustainable, equitable and resilient world.

The development of our new Sustainability Plan is guided by the five intersecting themes of the University’s new institutional strategy to 2030, Advancing Melbourne.

Developing our Sustainability Plan 2021-2025

Some frequently asked questions about the consultation and development process for the University's next Sustainability Plan.

  • What is the consultation process for the new Sustainability Plan?

    The consultation process will engage three broad University community groups in three progressive phases:

    1. Consultation with the whole University community. Participation and submissions are encouraged from all students, staff and alumni cohorts, as well as prospective students attending Open Days online.
    2. A separate engagement and consultation process with senior staff in University portfolios responsible for delivering and reporting on the Plan. These portfolio responsibilities span: campus operations; teaching and learning; research and development; strategy, engagement and partnerships; estate planning and development; commercial operations and finance.
    3. Consultation with a representative group of significant external University partners, drawn from research, project and engagement collaboration; peers in the higher education sector; state and local government departments and our donor community.

    Findings from the consultation process, together with international benchmarking and review of our current Plan, will provide a clearer understanding of expectations and aspirations of the higher education sector—and particularly the University of Melbourne’s role—in addressing complex climate and sustainability challenges.

  • How will input from the University community inform the Plan?

    The community consultation process aims to capture the concerns, aspirations, priorities and ideas that emerge from our University community during the consultation period. The outcomes will guide development of the Sustainability Plan, its priorities and targets. The voice of our community and close partners will help shape the University’s commitment to sustainability for the next five years and beyond.

    Once the consultation phase is complete, a community feedback report will be compiled and published online.

  • How will the new Sustainability Plan be developed?

    Once the consultation phase is complete, a Plan development and co-design process will commence. This process will involve the University’s Sustainability Executive, the Sustainability strategy team and key staff from University portfolios responsible for delivering on the University’s commitments to sustainability. The co-design process will be coordinated by the Sustainability strategy team, with portfolio staff leading the detailed development of priorities and targets for their respective areas of the Plan.

  • Who approves the final Sustainability Plan and when will it be released?

    The finalised Sustainability Plan 2021–2025 requires endorsement by the Sustainability Executive, and approval by University Executive and University Council. We are aiming to launch the new Plan in first semester 2021.

  • How can I stay informed about the Plan’s consultation and development?

    For updates on the development of our new Sustainability Plan join our Sustainability Mailing List.

Have an idea about other ways you or the wider University community can contribute feedback? Contact the Sustainability team with your suggestion.

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