The System Garden's diverse range of flora attracts a range of fauna as shown in the wildlife census below. Wildlife entries below without dates appear more frequently than other species throughout the year.

System Garden wildlife
From left: Eastern Rosella, Tawney frog mouth, Southern Brown tree frog, Bird Dropping Spider, and Red Fox.
Birds Spotted Pardalote Dillenidae Subclass 2015.11.23 First sighting of one single bird. Sex not known. The distinctive call often heard in the north west corner.
Large billed scrub wren Australian Rainforest   Common throughout the System Garden.
Powerful Owl Maclura pomifera 2010 Spotted by Zoology researchers during evening possum survey.
Grey Currawong   
Tawney frog mouth Australian Rainforest 2014.03.18 Two birds seen in close proximity. Possibly adult female & juvenile. (see photos)
Wattle bird   
Indian minor   
Magpie lark   
Red Rumped Parrot Lawn between Asteridae & Rainforest 2014 Occasional sightings between 2010 - 2014. 
Eastern Rosella New botany building   (see photos)
Willie Wagtail   
Frogs Southern Brown tree frog Australian Rainforest 2016.03.04 Multiple sightings since 2005 with greater numbers now prevalent.
This species is easily spotted in the rainforest. (see photos)
Other Feral Cats Gardeners Compound   Ongoing sightings of long haired black cat.
Skink Cycad bed 2013.12.00 Appeared after different grade pebbles and slate mulches were applied. No sightings in 2015.
Brush tailed possum   Both species of possum are commonly found throughout the garden.
Ring tailed possum   
Common mouse Australian Rainforest, Viburnum bed   
Bats (various)  2016.03.00

It was Suggested by researcher Pia Lentini that these species most probable inhabit the System Garden but net traps proved unsuccessful on early March 2016.

Gould’s wattled bat (Chalinolobus goulduu), White-striped freetail bat (Austronomus australis), Lesser long-eared bat (Nyctophilus geofroyii), Chocolate wattled bat (Chalinolobus morio), Little forest bat (Vespadelus vulturnus)

European or red fox (Vulpes vulpes) Between Rosidae & Dillenidae 2016.03.02 (see photos)
Insects Bird Dropping Spider (Celaenia excavate) Arucaria arucana; Between Asteridae & Australian Rainforest 2016.03.01 (see photos)
European Honey Bee