Request a donation

The University of Melbourne is committed to assisting the wider community. When surplus furniture and equipment are made available from the Furniture and Equipment Reuse Service (FERS), they may be donated to not-for-profit organisations and local community groups.

Donations to organisations external to the University are considered after an item has been offered to all faculties and departments and deemed to be no longer required.

To make a request for furniture or equipment to be donated, contact the FERS team with the following details:

  • Name of the requesting organisation
  • What equipment is required
  • Transport and any additional expenses
  • Other information critical to the request

Request a donation

All requests will be evaluated and considered by the Donation Selection Panel as informed by the University’s keystone engagement commitments.

The following types of donations will be prioritised:

  • Donations to not-for-profit and University of Melbourne partnership organisations.
  • Donations that strengthen communities in our immediate precinct.
  • Those that support programs to advance economic and social development priorities in the west of Melbourne.
  • Those that advance our partnership with the Goulburn Valley to support education and research.
  • Those that align with the University of Melbourne Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) supporting indigenous individuals or communities experiencing disadvantage.