In recent years there have been major developments in our understanding of how plants are related to each other. Some of this important work is being conducted at the University’s School of Botany through the analysis of DNA.

We are now bringing the classification system in the System Garden up to date using this latest information. The new layout of plant families is shown in the map below (please expand the sidebar in the top left, for a detailed listing).

Within this new system:

  • 21 separate beds represent 15 different subclasses & additional plant groups
  • Around 100 different plant families are displayed
  • Each plant has been carefully chosen to show the typical characteristics of the family or to demonstrate the wonderful diversity within each plant family.
  • Each family has representatives that show the typical characteristics of the family, are botanical oddities or are of exceptional ornamental value.
  • The plants displayed are from all corners of the globe that survive in vastly different terrains. Life forms vary between small herbs through to shrubs and trees.

You can also download a digital copy of this layout of plant families.

System Garden Map and Info

The System Garden ((JPG 591.7 KB))